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A Wild in Art event in support of Heart of Kent Hospice.

The Mall Maidstone

At the Mall Maidstone we pride ourselves on being a community Mall, we love supporting community innovation and local Maidstone charities.

The Elmer trail gives us a chance to not only unite the people of Maidstone in a colourful unique way, but also support one of Maidstone’s most worthy causes, that touches a lot of local people.  The trail not only gives participants a chance to get active but also introduce them to areas of the town previously not visited.  Whilst putting Maidstone in the forefront of new guests that have yet to visit the town and see what there is on offer.

We are proud to be in the community of Maidstone and relish the chance to shout about what is in our great locality.


Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade

Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade