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A Wild in Art event in support of Heart of Kent Hospice.


For more information on our decision to move the trail to 2021 please contact Cheri Strudwick, Head of Communications, Heart of Kent Hospice on 01622 792200 ext 267 or email cheri.strudwick@hokh.co.uk


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please contact the Elmer Team if you have any questions.

Project Manager:                                       Sarah Raine                                  elmer@hokh.co.uk

Project Co-Ordinator:                               Sarah O’Sullivan                           elmer@hokh.co.uk

Marketing & Communications:               Cheri Strudwick                           cheri.strudwick@hokh.co.uk

Partners & Sponsors:                                Lawrence Edmead                       Lawrence.edmead@hokh.co.uk

Friends of Elmer:                                       Claire Whybrew                           Claire.whybrew@hokh.co.uk

Schools & Community Groups:               Karen Newton-Anker                  karen.newton@hokh.co.uk

Trailmakers:                                                Nicola Smith                                  elmer@hokh.co.uk

Artists:                                                         Sarah O’Sullivan                            elmer@hokh.co.uk

For any general enquiries, please call 01622 790195 or email elmer@hokh.co.uk

Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade

Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade